Johnny Depp die-hards mock Amber Heard for ‘fake crying’ during testimony

Johnny Depp die-hards mock Amber Heard for ‘fake crying’ during testimony

He starred in the 1990 smash “Cry-Baby” — but Johnny Depp’s die-hard supporters are accusing his ex-wife Amber Heard of being the one acting out an exaggerated emotional display.

Depp’s fans have been flooding social media, accusing Heard of being a “bad actress” and “fake crying” following her testimony at their blockbuster defamation trial this week.

Heard, 36, spent two days detailing Depp’s alleged abuse, saying her former spouse, 58, slapped her across the face and conducted a “cavity search,” reportedly believing she had hidden his cocaine in her vagina.

The “Aquaman” actress was often emotional as she answered questions about her turbulent marriage. Many viewers watching the televised trial became convinced of her authenticity, and #IStandWithAmberHeard started trending on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

But Depp supporters have slammed the starlet on Twitter and TikTok, claiming she was faking her testimony because she failed to produce a single tear.

Heard’s representative told The Post he was unable to comment directly on the social media smears.

Amber Heard alleged that Johnny Depp performed a non-consensual “cavity search” on her while looking for cocaine.

“OMG I’m DYING. Amber Heard is the worst actor EVER,” popular producer Andy Signore tweeted out to his 45,700 followers. “This fake incoherent PERFORMANCE is sickening… All over the place, too many details, fake sighs, forced tears and looks to the jury.. This is an EMBARASSMENT to survivors everywhere.”

“I watched a little of the Amber Heard testimony today. How does someone cry without tears? Is it a medical condition? Whenever I cry or see someone else crying, it’s a real mess that requires multiple tissues if not a small mop,” poet Joseph Massey posted.

Another accused Heard of putting on “the performance of her life.”

“This fake incoherent PERFORMANCE is sickening”: Twitter users didn’t hold back, accusing Heard of faking her testimony and her dramatic sobs.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, videos accusing Heard of faking her “cringe” testimony have racked up millions of likes. Videos with the hashtag #JusticeForJohnny have been viewed a staggering 8.3 billion times.

One viral video, which shows Heard breaking down on the stand, was accompanied by a voiceover of Kim Kardashian, saying: “Ew, this is so cringe. Guilty.” It garnered more than 5.2 million likes.

Elsewhere, aspiring actress Meredith Bull created a clip that clocked more than 201,200 likes, saying she was skeptical of Heard’s testimony as a fellow thespian.

“What I saw today was massive performance to the jury,” Bull declared, adding that she felt Heard was trying to make eye contact with each juror.

“I don’t know about you, but anytime that I recall trauma I am not trying to see if every person is trying to make eye contact with me,” she continued. “If anything, I’m probably shying away from eye contact because it’s such a vulnerable, personal moment, especially [with] what she was talking about which was abuse and domestic violence and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

A body language expert said the fact that Heard did not seem to produce tears does not mean her testimony was faked in any way,

However, one body language expert doesn’t necessarily agree with Bull’s take, saying Heard would likely be avoiding eye contact if she was faking her testimony. The expert also alleged that the fact the actress apparently did not always produce tears does not imply dishonesty.

“The cameras made it hard to pick out if they [tears] had formed in her eyes or if her eyes had reddened. This, like everything, is a complicated point,” expert Judi James told the Daily Mail.

“When guilty people perform tears they often try to hide their dry eyes, poking them with fingers, squeezing them shut tight or prodding them with a handkerchief,” James continued. “When they do cry for real the streaming tears are often prompted by self-pity. Amber’s seemed to be truncated, but is that acting or bad acting or the innocent complex response of someone with mixed emotions?”

Heard has been the subject of intense hatred on Twitter and TikTok, with Johnny Depp super fans smearing her name.

The body language expert added that Heard’s eye contact with the jury could actually be a sign of her transparency and authenticity.

“The jury also get to see her eyes and eyes tend to be considered one of the most revealing body parts in terms of inner feelings and emotions,” James stated.

“We tend to trust people more when we can see their eye expression so this gesture could suggest she has nothing to hide,” she went on. “It is, of course, in visual contrast to her ex-husband at the same time, who sits hunched with his eyes hidden by tinted glasses, gazing down and writing or just communicating with his team.”

Depp is seen in court this week. The actor’s legal team is set to cross-examine Heard when the trial resumes on May 16.

Meanwhile, both Depp and Heard’s reps fired off at each other in statements released on Friday.

“As Mr. Depp’s counsel correctly predicted in their opening statements last month, Ms. Heard did indeed deliver ‘the performance of her life’ in her direct examination,” a spokesperson for Depp said. “His truth — the truth — is the same no matter the environment in which it has been presented.”

Meanwhile, Heard’s rep responded directly, stating: “As evidenced by the statement just released, Mr. Depp’s defamation claim is falling apart so rapidly that his counsel are turning from prosecutor to persecutor.”

“They boast that Mr. Depp’s story has not changed,” they witheringly continued. “If so, since he lost the domestic violence restraining order and he resoundingly lost the libel case in the UK, perhaps he should consider a new strategy rather than the recycled approach of attacking the victim and refusing to take responsibility for his own conduct.”

Depp and Heard began dating in 2012 and were married in February 2015. Here, they are pictured together that year.

Depp is suing Heard for defamation over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that the “Aquaman” star wrote, in which she said she was a victim of sexual violence.

She did not specifically name Depp in the article, but it was written after Heard filed for a restraining order against her ex-husband in 2016 over abuse allegations.

Depp is seeking $50 million in damages. Heard has filed a $100 million countersuit.

Depp and Heard began dating in 2012 and were married in February 2015. They split in 2017.

The trial is currently on break until May 16, upon which date Heard will be cross-examined by Depp’s team.

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