Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy Fans Are Divided Over Shockingly Explicit Tifa Statue

A new collectible Tifa Lockhart statue has surfaced online, and fans of Final Fantasy VII don’t seem to know what to make of the shockingly erotic piece.

Per TheGamer, the statue features Tifa Lockhart wearing her iconic outfit in a less-than-subtle pose, one that has gained meme-like status among fan artists as the Jack-O Crouch. The figure has turned many heads, namely for its erotic nature as she seemingly twirks against the Buster Sword. For some fans, the 1/4 scale Tifa erotica appears to be right in their wheelhouse, while others expressed shock over the pose — or just its exceedingly expensive price tag of $544.99 for what is essentially pornography people could otherwise get for free.

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Many responders couldn’t believe that this was an actual product, taking it at first to be an officially licensed design given the surprisingly good quality of the sculpt. However, as others pointed out, the company selling the Tifa statue, Favor GK, makes many unlicensed erotic sculptures of anime and JRPG characters, as well as some non-erotic pieces. Some even commented on the questionable nature of the site, warning those tempted by Tifa about the company’s reputation.

For those who feel she isn’t erotic enough, the Tifa statue can also be purchased in an “advanced ver. w/ Interchangeable Nude Body” or “advanced ver. w/ “Battle Suit” Nude Body” for $644.99, or a completionist can get both versions as a set for $728.99. They’ll have to wait some time before she can pose proudly on coffee tables and in collector’s cases everywhere, as she’s only available for pre-order currently, with an expected release of March 2023.

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This is something of a continuation of erotic appreciation for Tifa Lockhart this year. In January, Tifa Lockhart trended on Twitter after fan-made porn featuring the Final Fantasy VII character interrupted an Italian political meeting on Zoom. During a gathering held by Five Star Movement Senator Maria Laura Mantovani, the explicit footage appeared on the screen shortly after the introduction of Giorgio Parisi, a recent winner of the Nobel Prize for physics. At first, people suspected one of the attendees had forgotten to close the incriminating tab on their browser before accidentally sharing their screen, but the Italian government has since confirmed a hacker caused the incident. The creator of the video commented on the prank, saying they were honored to have their work watched by so many people in such a memorable way.

It’s not entirely surprising to see Tifa Lockhart getting such frequent pornographic treatment. Ever since the Final Fantasy VII Remake came out in 2020, fans have talked extensively about the character in relation to potential romantic entanglements with other characters. Chief among them is a debate over whether game protagonist Cloud should be with Tifa or Aerith, another female member of the group. Others seem convinced Final Fantasy VII‘s leading ladies should be together instead, leaving Cloud behind.

The original Final Fantasy VII was such a popular title in the series that the game got a complete remake for PlayStation 4 and PC. Although it does differ from the first version in its twists on the narrative, Final Fantasy VII Remake surprised the developers with its runaway success and satisfied fans who’d long-desired to see the popular entry reimagined.

Source: Twitter via TheGamer

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