After a long wait for a pick, Broncos Twitter raves over NFL Draft selections on Day 2

After a long wait for a pick, Broncos Twitter raves over NFL Draft selections on Day 2

With the 64th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Broncos select…

There were some difficulties spelling his name at first.

Nick Bonito. Nick Bonitto. Nic Bonitto.

PEOPLE! It’s N-i-k B-o-n-i-t-t-o.

But we have a helpful hint for you…

And once Broncos Country became clear on the spelling, there was nothing foggy about the bendy edge rusher from Oklahoma.

Or what he could bring to Denver.

And that got some predicted welcomes from notable players – namely Russell Wilson.

Coach Hackett knows what’s up.

“This league is about quarterbacks and we have to get after them,” he said. “I’m excited to see [Bonitto] out there and see that speed!”

And the analysts were high on the choice as well.

And for his part, Bonitto already did the most important thing he could do before stepping on the field…invoked the name of Broncos Country’s favorite former pass-rusher.

With the 80th pick, Broncos select…

The Broncos traded back five spots from their No. 75 pick for their first of two third-round picks and came away with UCLA tight end Greg Dulcich – one of the best tight ends in the draft for many analysts.

George Paton, a UCLA alum, called Dulcich a “multidimensional player who can do it all.”

While Dulcich will bring a similar skillset as Albert Okwuegbunam’s, he’s got more size and athleticism and will be a weapon for Wilson.

Also, no one else will be bringing this hair.

And just like Bonitto, Dulcich had the right words following his pick to the Broncos.

The soon-to-be-rookie is already talking ‘ships.

It’s not surprising for fans to get behind all the picks – especially after watching George Paton master the 2021 Draft as well as 2022 free agency, but when Colin Cowherd is gushing over the Broncos, it’s either obvious how good these picks are…or clear that Cowherd got confused on which team he was complimenting.

Either way, I like agreeing with him here.

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